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☃☂ ☃☂ ☃☂ ☃☂. I made this blog to focus mainly on gaming stuff but it will have different things as well. Also this blog corresponds with my atm super random gaming channel。



The Sons of Sparda, for shinysheimi.

I haven’t even played this it’s just they’re both pretty and I feel like there is some sort of angst here and I like it and now I will cry about a game I know nothing about!

We haven’t played in a while but i still cant get a hang of Harley o.o.

C H I L D   O F   L I G H T

Dynamic themes for Playstation 3

Mortal Kombat X - Sub-Zero & Scorpion

by Kaan Sadece

one of cassie cage’s fatalities [video]

One of D’Vorah’s fatalities [video]

Awful thumbnail atm but o well.